1978 - TLC serviced and Inspected Stock Number:

This old Cruiser is as new, never restored, having travelled only 5265 miles since new! That is 132.5 miles a year! It is in remarkable condition and considered the finest original example in the world! Featuring disc brakes, the larger 2F engine and A/C, it is a pleasure to drive and an unbeatable investment! The story was that the original owner drove it for a summer, then built a carpet lined wooden crate for it and stored it in his warehouse. His plan was, upon retirement, to visit al of the National Parks in the FJ, but he passed away before retirement. His kids “wanted a Jeep” and had no interest in the FJ, so they called us and we jumped at the opportunity. We originally purchased this gem in 2000, and sold it to a dear friend/collector. He is now selling his collection and simplifying his life, so we proudly can offer you this once-in-a-lifetime truck. Impossible to duplicate and likely never to be seen again! Watch the video for all details and make sure to click the orange “next” button to see tons of photos.

Price: 92,000

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