East meets West when we install General Motors V8 engines, or various turbo diesel engines in Land Cruisers. We find that more and more customers are converting Cruisers in an effort to have  modern drivability without giving up the old school values of the classic Cruisers. The Land Cruisers delivered to America in the 1960’s are quite archaic for most modern drivers. The 1970-80's models are equipped with antiquated emissions components and systems that are becoming difficult to maintain and tune. Although the aesthetic design of the vintage Land Cruisers has stood the test of time, the vintage six cylinders are not perfect for today's driving needs and some parts are becoming very difficult to find. Fun for all age Cruisers, this combination mates the no nonsense traditional Land Cruiser design with arguably the best new truck drive trains available to create a reliable, fast and efficient alternative. Our conversions meet the stringent California emissions laws and provide significantly enhanced performance, increased efficiency and reduced emissions. Perfect!

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