All original paint with the exception of the hood, which apears to have been repainted long ago. Probably due to clearcoat failure. A few scuffs here and there but fine as it is. All original and clean interior. Drivers outer bolster has been repaired. Upgraded front speakers, otherwise as delivered by Toyota in 1989. 176,xxx miles.

         After our comprehensive three-day inspection to determine conditions as compared to OEM specifications and tolerances, we performed the following repairs. Replaced radiator, thermostat, hoses and belts, fuel hoses, shifter bushings, tie rod ends and links. We overhauled the steering gear box, fit new power steering hoses and a new power steering pump. A full fuel injection system service was completed, a rebuilt alternator was fit, along with a rebuilt smog pump. We replaced the entire exhaust system (with new cats, 02 sensors and stainless steel muffler). We replaced the intake & exhaust manifold gaskets, new injector seals, and installed a new additional trans cooler and new cooler hoses, new battery, new battery terminals, and a new battery tray. For the front brake system, we replaced the rotors, calipers, pads, and brake hoses. In the rear, we fit new brake shoes, drums and parking brake cables and hoses. Last but not least, we replaced the oil pan and oil pan gasket, adjusted the valves and replaced the valve cover gasket.

            Save yourself the hassle of buying the usual used FJ62, with decades of neglected and deferred service. We take unparalleled responsibility by combing through, and performing all repair needs evident. We have test driven this truck about 250 miles, and are confident it is ready for its next adventure!

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