Our Story 
Once upon a time, long ago and far away, you could buy a really well made vehicle for what seemed like a reasonable amount of money. The Toyota Land Cruiser.

For over forty years, the Land Cruiser, adhering to Toyota's strict standards of quality, has challenged some of nature's most tortuous terrain while laying the groundwork for today's wildly popular SUVs. In fact, as recently as 1996, in the grueling Paris-to-Dakar Rally, a pair of Land Cruisers finished first and second in the unmodified production class. Though the Cruiser has evolved into today's luxurious four-door powerhouse - it is the original adventure-seeking spirited classic Land Cruiser, with its worldwide following that lingers in our minds. That's where we come in...TLC buys, restores, services, and sells Toyota Land Cruisers exclusively. We are dedicated to their preservation and restoration. Recycling a product that in many ways is simpler, stronger and safer than most produced today. A concept so basic you'd think someone else would get around to doing it. Until then, there's just us.

From a basic oil change to a full body-off restoration. From the ultimate off-road suspension to premium sound systems. All stock or highly modified. TLC's skilled and dedicated craftsmen will build your Land Cruiser, or vintage Ford Bronco, Land Rover, International Harvester, Willys or ?_____?  to the highest standard of workmanship and detail. Virtually the only limit is your imagination.

We welcome you to explore our family owned and operated southern California facility where we maintain a large selection of Land Cruisers at all times.

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